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Archive for March, 2009

Welcome to NMR 2.0

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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the new NMR 2.0 web site which is supposed to help all scientists pursuing NMR-based research to share and compile information, and to foster exchange of knowledge.

It is possible to upload URLs as links, as well as files of various formats in three sections, i.e., ‘Resources’,'Links’ and ‘Entertainment’. The ‘Links’ section is eventually supposed to provide all web links which we routinely use. Since all registered users can provide links, this page may eventually provide all links that are now compile on ‘traditional’ link pages. Please note that links uploaded in the sections ‘Resources’ and ‘Entertainment’ are simultaneously introduced in the ‘Links’ section.

In addition NMR 2.0 offers ‘web 2.0′ features such as RSS feeds.

We hope that you appreciate this site and look forward to your contributions.

The blog of NMR 2.0 will be used by senior researchers to contribute articles outlining new developments, suggestions and information on issues that are of importance to the NMR Community.

Best regards,

Thomas Szyperski


Written by Thomas Szyperski

March 27th, 2009 at 10:21 am

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