Full probefile calibration

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Full Probefile Calibration

This procedure is similar to Automated Pulse Width Calibration, but the number of parameters to be optimized is much larger an the required time is much longer. Full calibration is usually needed only after hardware upgrades, e.g. probe or amplifiers.

  1. Insert a concentrated NC-labeled sample of a small protein, preferably in a Varian shigemi with proper filling height. Perform tuning/matching, lock and shim the sample.
  2. Load the ghn_co dataset and set the desired parameters - type man('BioPacklist') for a list.
  3. To start Autocalibration go to Setup -> Calibrations and select Full, using probefile values or Full, But Use Current 1H Offset and pw

-- Main.AlexEletski - 14 Mar 2008

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