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Analysis of the HNNCACB/CACB(CO)NHN

In case of NMR data were collected with non-GFT NMR experiments such as HNNCACB/CACß(CO)NHN for backbone assignment, one can treat HNNCACB/CACB(CO)NHN the same as previously described (4,3)GFT HNNCABCA/CABCA(CO)NHN analysis. Simply do the same things as described in analysis of the (4,3)D GFT HNNCABCA and CABCA(CO)NHN spectra:

  1. Simulate the intial peak lists
  2. Adjust the peak positions in strips using XEASY
  3. Simulate AutoAssign input files and do the initial backbone assignment using AutoAssign
  4. Maually check results from AutoAssign and complete the assignment
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