Spin System Identification with CARA

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Spin System Identification with CARA

Spin system identification in 2D [15N,1H]-HSQC and 3D HNCO

  1. Open a repositiry or create one if it does not exist (see the CARA page).
  2. Open 2D [15N,1H]-HSQC in SynchroScope to determine the region with true peak region and noise level.
  3. Run Lua script Pick_2D_Peaks. This script should be in the repository, otherwise get it from http://www.cara.ethz.ch/Wiki/AllCaluaScripts . Pick_2D_Peaks is equivalent to the in command in XEASY, but is not interactive. The script will create spin systems and populate them with H and N spins. Note that in CARA spin systems are distinct from residues and can have numbers starting with 1.
  4. To delete unwanted spin systems in SynchroScope use right click -> Delete Systems. To pick additional spin systems use right click -> Pick System
  5. Open 3D HNCO in the strip panels of SynchroScope by using Strips -> Select Spectrum or right click -> Select Spectrum
  6. Select a spin system by left-clicking in HSQC plane or using View -> Goto System - this updates the strip display.
  7. In the strip panel set the cursor on a peak and use right click -> Pick Label... or right click -> Pick Spin and right click -> Label Spin to pick C-1. Repeat last two steps for all spin systems.

Also see instructions on how to use SynchroScope here: http://www.cara.ethz.ch/Wiki/SynchroScope

-- Main.AlexEletski - 06 Jul 2007

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