G-matrix Fourier Transform (GFT) Projection
NMR Spectroscopy


Prof. Thomas Szyperski

State University of New York at Buffalo

On GFT Projection NMR Spectroscopy

Defining features of G-matrix Fourier Transform (GFT) projection NMR spectroscopy (Kim and Szyperski, 2003):

(i) joint sampling of K+1 chemical shifts W0, W1, …, WK encoded in K+1 indirect evolution periods of an ND FT NMR experiment,

(ii) phase-sensitive detection of 2K linear combinations of chemical shifts W0±W1±…..±WK,

(iii) editing of the 2K linear combinations of shifts into 2K (N-K)D ‘basic’ projected sub-spectra, so that each contains one of the linear combinations.

                                     On the equivalence of GFT Projection NMR and the projection part of PR NMR



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Reference Table: Projection NMR Nomenclature (August 2006)



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