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Optimized noise filters for improved contrast in MRI                


        Category:Postdoctoral fellow


        Job Description


DNP MAS NMR                 


        Category:DNP NMR

         A postdoc position for “DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR” will be available from September 2013 at
 the Helmholtz center Jülich/ Heinrich Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. One of the most demanding
 challenges of biomolecular NMR spectroscopy is the inherently low sensitivity. Signal enhancement by
 DNP is therefore a promising alternative to gain insights into systems which otherwise could not be
 investigated. We will exploit the technique to obtain structural information on complex systems
 (protein aggregates, and membrane proteins in lipid bilayers) which otherwise would be inaccessible
 to structural investigations. Further, the possibilities of this technique for selective enhancement
 will be exploited. The candidate should hold a PhD in Physics or Chemistry or a related field.
 Basic knowledge and experience in solid-state NMR or EPR spectroscopy as well as a strong interest
 in physics and structural biology is a prerequisite. Experience with DNP is highly desirable. The
 applicant should be highly motivated, open for new approaches and techniques, and able to tackle
 demanding challenges. As most of the systems involve collaborations with other research groups, good
 communication skills are required. The biomolecular NMR center of the Heinrich-Heine University
 of Düsseldorf at the Helmholtz Research Center Jülich (Forschungszentrum Jülich) offers an
 exciting and stimulating research environment. State-of-the art solid-state NMR spectrometers
 operating at 600 and 800 MHz are already available, a 600 MHz DNP spectrometer will be installed in
 September of 2013, and the installation of an 800 with DNP is scheduled for 2014. The position
 will be available for 2 years with the possibility of extension.


Post-doctoral Researcher (Rhodia / CNRS)                
Contributor:C Lorthioir


        Category:Solid-state NMR

        "Local Dynamics in Polyamides, studied by Solid-State NMR" East Paris Institute of Chemistry and
 Materials Science (UMR 7182 CNRS / University of East Paris - Créteil), Thiais, France A 12
 months postdoctoral position is opened in the framework of a collaboration between the CNRS/Rhodia
 joint Research Lab "Laboratoire Polymères et Matériaux Avancés" (LPMA, UMR 5268), Lyon, France,
 and the CNRS/University of East Paris - Créteil joint Research Lab "East Paris Institute of
 Chemistry and Materials Science" (ICMPE, UMR 7182), Thiais, France. The postdoctoral researcher will
 develop his/her research activities at ICMPE, Thiais, in the department "Complex Polymer Systems"
 and will be co-supervised by Cédric Lorthioir (ICMPE) and Paul Sotta (LPMA). Rhodia is a global
 specialty chemicals manufacturer with 5 multidisciplinary Research & Development Centers worldwide.
 Lyon is the main Rhodia R&D Center for Europe. CNRS is the main governmental research organization
 in France, involved in all scientific fields. Partially polar polymers are very sensitive to
 water. For example a dry semi-crystalline polymer like polyamide (PA) can absorb up to 12 wt% water
 in saturated humid atmosphere (Relative Humidity = RH 100). The water content drastically affects
 the glass transition temperature, which may be shifted from 80°C in the dry state down to -10°C in
 the humid state, and therefore the mechanical and other properties. The purpose of this work is to
 combine advanced Solid-State NMR approaches to investigate the molecular dynamics in polyamides.
 Selective Solid-State NMR experiments, performed as a function of temperature, will allow
 identifying the specific types of motions corresponding to the various relaxation processes observed
 in these materials, in the amorphous phase. The mobility and mobility gradients in the amorphous
 phase located in the vicinity of the crystallites will be characterized by selective excitation of
 the crystalline signal combined with 1H spin diffusion. Model polyamide materials with a variable,
 controlled crystallinity will be considered. The dynamics will be studied both in the dry state and
 in the presence of various amounts of water. These experiments will clarify the mechanisms by which
 water plasticizes polyamide. The position is to start any time. It is opened to an experimental
 physicist/physico-chemist, with a PhD thesis in the field of polymer physics or chemical physics. An
 experience in Solid-State NMR, if not mandatory, will be highly appreciated. Gross salary is about
 2000 Euros/month. To apply, please send an application letter together with a detailed CV and
 contact details of two academic referees to either of the following contact persons: Paul
 Sotta Laboratoire Polymères et Matériaux Avancés CRTL 85, rue des Frères Perret 69192
 Saint-Fons Cedex, France Tel: +33 (0)4 72 89 64 66 E-mail: Cédric Lorthioir Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux
 Paris-Est Equipe ‘Systèmes Polymères Complexes‘ 2-8, rue Henri Dunant 94320 Thiais,
 France Tel: +33 (0)1 49 78 13 08 E-mail:

        Job Description




        Category:NMR Service

        (1) Technical maintenance of the NMR equipment (e.g. cryoliquid refills), optimization,
 implementation and updating of techniques and procedures; (2) Service management of the NMR
 equipment; (3) Promotion of the PTNMR network activities; (4) Development and support of research
 activities in the framework of the Natural Products and Materials Group’s.

        Job Description


Chemical Engineer (or eq.) in NMR in Germany                 


        Category:NMR Service

        A full-time position in the NMR department is open in Germany at the Max-Planck-Institut für
 Kohlenforschung, in Mülheim an der Ruhr. We are looking for someone with a "Chemical Engineering"
 or a similar university degree. The successful candidate will be principally involved with routine
 and advanced NMR analysis in a broad range of chemistry applications for a world-class institute
 pursuing fundamental research in all fields of catalysis. Some experience with solution NMR is
 required. A basic knowledge of German and English is also expected.




        Category:Biological NMR

        A new postdoctoral position is becoming available at CEA Saclay (45 min by train from the center of
 Paris) in high-field multidimensional NMR applied to large biological assemblies, to be coupled with
 an exciting ANR granted project on the mechanisms of DNA gating in bacteriophages. The work is
 focussed on the molecular bases of the head-to-tail connector assembly and function in bacteriophage
 SPP1. It is based on functional and structural experiments, and in particular the coupling of
 liquid-state and solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, X-ray crystallography, Electron Microscopy
 and Molecular Modelling. Experience in advanced liquid-state and/or solid-state NMR is essential.
 Expertise in protein purification and molecular modeling will be useful. Starting date is from
 September 2011. A one year funding that can be extended to three years on a related project is
 available. Please submit application and CV to: Dr Sophie
 Zinn-Justin Laboratoire de Biologie Structurale et Radiobiologie iBiTec-S, CEA Saclay 91190


Research Associate / Project Scientist                


        Category:PDRA in Diffusion

        A position for a Project Scientist is available in the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry
 (KCMC, at the University of Manchester. The role is focused on
 the development and delivery of a capability to use diffusion NMR to investigate the dynamic
 behaviour of colloids and nanomaterials in aqueous dispersions. This work would be done in
 collaboration with external sponsors including industry, charities and research
 councils. Candidates should hold a PhD in chemistry or materials science, and a strong research
 track record in NMR spectroscopy and specifically in diffusion NMR, the related data analysis, and
 the use of these techniques to investigate the association and behaviour of molecular assemblies in
 liquid media. Experience in colloid and surface science is also required. Experience of working with
 industry is desirable The successful candidate will be working as part of a large research team
 and will be expected to communicate results at project meetings, in written reports and to
 industrial sponsors. Short-term projects will be based on a number of clearly defined goals that
 must be delivered in a timely manner. We therefore seek highly motivated candidates with excellent
 communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact with persons at all levels
 within the academic and business communities, and who would enjoy working in a challenging
 environment and interacting with industry. The position will be particularly suited to candidates
 who are interested in both fundamental AND applied aspects of science. The closing date is 18th
 April 2011; further details may be found at For informal
 enquiries please contact Professor N Tirelli (

        Job Description




        Category:NMR and

        A position is available at the Université de Lyon (France). The selected candidate will join
 Isabelle KRIMM's team as a post-doc for two years and will work on a project funded by the
 National Agency for Research (ANR). The general framework of the project is the study of
  protein-ligand interactions and fragment-based drug design by NMR. The candidate will be
 involved in NMR experiments and/or modelisation and/or programming.

        Job Description


Post-doctoral Researcher                 


        Category:Biological NMR

        A post-doc position (Szyperski laboratory at SUNY-Buffalo) is available in the area of biological
 NMR spectroscopy. Research focuses on development of new NMR methodology and applications to
 study protein structure and folding. The successful candidate should have a strong background in
 Bio-NMR spectroscopy. Basic skills in routine molecular biology / protein biochemistry are
 appreciated. We collaborate intensively with our colleagues in the Northeast Structural Genomics
 Consortium ( A CV and three letters of recommendation are required (please
 email to Salary will commensurate with experience.


Post-doctoral researcher                 



        A post-doc position (Szyperski laboratory at SUNY-Buffalo) is available in the area of NMR-based
 metabonomics. Research focuses on the early detection of epithelial Ovarian Cancer and the
 investigation of the associated malignant metabolic phenotype. The successful candidate will
 collaborate with SUNY-Buffalo biostatisticians, Roswell Park Cancer Institute clinicians, and mass
 spectrometry (MS) experts. Firm knowledge in NMR / metabolic research and interest in MS is
 desired. A CV and three letters of recommendation are required. Salary will commensurate with


post-doc in dynamics of molecular clusters                 


        Category:NMR dynamics

        A post-doctoral position is available in the field of dynamics of molecular clusters and collective
 dynamics in liquids in homogenous and heterogeneous environments. Major goal is experimental
 characterization of structure, rotational and translational dynamics, formation, decomposition and
 reorganization of molecular clusters. A key method is NMR spectroscopy, especially measurements of
 nuclear spin relaxation and measurements of molecular self-diffusion by means of pulsed field

        Job Description


Postoc position in the University of Oxford                 


        Category:Biomolecular NMR

        A postdoctoral position in centriolar structural biology is available in Oxford Biochemistry.
 Candidates with NMR and/or crystallographic background are encouraged to apply. For more information
 and application instructions please follow the Naturejobs link.


Postdoctoral Position in NMR/MRI                


        Category:Postdoctoral fellow

        A postdoctoral position is available immediately for an NIH-funded project on CEST NMR/MRI
 methodology development at NYU.

        Job Description


Postdoctoral Position at The Ohio State University                


        Category:Biomolecular NMR

        A postdoctoral position is available in solution NMR of proteins or metabolomics at OSU

        Job Description


Postdoctoral Assocaite in Biomolecular NMR                 


        Category:Biological NMR

        An openings for a postdoctoral associates to work on structural and functional characterization of
 proteins involved in vesicle trafficking or cell surface carbohydrate interactions is available in
 the Prestegard laboratory at the University of Georgia. These are challenging projects involving
 both protein-protein and protein-membrane associations. The work is well illustrated by our recent
 publication in /Nature Structural and Molecular Biology /(17(7):876-81, 2010). The lab has access
 to excellent NMR instrumentation, including 800 and 900 MHz instruments with cryogenic probes. We
 also have strong biochemical collaborations that facilitate preparation and characterization of
 samples. Athens is a University town in the Southeastern part of the United States with excellent
 cultural amenities and a moderate cost of living. Those interested should send a letter describing
 their experience, along with a CV and the names of three individuals we might contact for reference
 letters. The University of Georgia is an AA/EEO employer.


Postdoc NMR - PHIP                


        Category:NMR PHIP

        Currently we are looking for a post-doctoral researcher in the area of para-hydrogen induced
 hyperpolarisation (PHIP). The position aims specifically for development of the PHIP methodology and
 instrumentation for screening, biomarker research and/or molecular diagnostics. The post-doc
 (initially 2 yrs; extension is possible) should have a background in (Physical) Chemistry and/or
 Analytical Sciences with knowledge of MR spectroscopy (e.g. NMR or MRI) and an interest in
 methodological development and instrumentation. Expertise in para-hydrogen based NMR technology is
 an asset.

        Job Description


Postdoc (2 years) in MAS-DNP - CEA (Grenoble/France)                 


        Category:DNP NMR

        Dear colleagues, We have an opening for a postdoctoral fellowship in MAS-DNP NMR at the Institute
 for Nanosciences and Cryogenics (CEA - Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies
 Alternatives) / University of Grenoble). Starting date: before the end of 2012. The lab is
 equipped with a state of the art Bruker MAS-DNP system (400 MHz / 263 GHz) and is currently running
 a program to access MAS temperatures < 100 K. The lab also hosts a second 400 MHz system equipped
 with 1.3 / 2.5 / 3.2 / 4 mm probes and can access high field instruments through the French TGIR
 framework ( Access to 9 GHz EPR is possible in the lab and access to high
 field EPR instruments is also possible on campus (collaboration with LNCMI/CNRS,
 Grenoble). Researchers with a strong background or interest in Dynamic Nuclear Polarization / NMR
 methodology and its application to bio-molecules/materials are particularly welcome to
 apply. This fellowship is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). The initial
 duration is 12 months with an additional 12 months extension upon results. For further
 information regarding details of the research and of the appointment, interested candidates should
 contact me directly at Gaël De Paëpe


Experimental Officer (solution-state NMR)                


        Category:NMR Service

        Experimental Officer working in solution-state NMR service. PhD level post - non fixed term.

        Job Description


NMR technical manager position                 


        Category:NMR Service

        Job description The successful candidate will assure the technical support of the three
 liquid-states NMR spectrometers of the Department of Organic Chemistry. He will operate a 500 MHz
 Bruker spectrometer equipped with a helium-cooled probe and supervise the "open access" to the two
 additional spectrometers (300 and 400 MHz spectrometers). He will also train the users for the
 "open access" and optimise the sample changer operations. The position In principle this is
 technical position, but the involvement of the candidate in research projects will depend on the
 competence and ability of the candidate to pursue projects in parallel to his main duties. We expect
 the candidate to realise experiments such as dynamic studies, diffusion measurements, kinetic
 measurements and other special but simple experiments requested by the members of the
 Department. Background The candidate should have good technical abilities and excellent
 competences in computer programming and automation techniques. A chemistry degree is a plus but
 other scientific backgrounds will be considered. The basic position is a "Classe 16" (86'000
 CHF/year) but it may depend on the background and previous experience of the selected candidate. The
 temporary position (starting November 2013) may evolve into a permanent
 position. Environment Geneva is a very international and pleasant city to live in. The
 scientific level of the Department is excellent and attracts top researchers. It is composed of more
 than 50 PhD students and postdocs. A group active in NMR methodology development and applications to
 chemistry and biology should contribute to this outstanding environment. Languages Good
 knowledge of English and notions of French (or a strong motivation to learn it) are required.


EU-funded PhD opportunity, Strasbourg, France                 


        Category:PhD Scholarship

        NMRTEC is opening a position for a doctoral thesis in the field of analytical chemistry dedicated to
 complex system and combinatorial chemistry. In a part of the ITN READ European network, it is
 intended to conduct an extensive study on the development of analytical methods for the analysis of
 complex mixtures. This will include the study of large chemical libraries, auto-assembling systems,
 complex protein ligand interactions, and the study of polymers and disordered biological systems.
 Methods developed will include mostly NMR (1D, 2D, and multinuclear), diffusion measurement by NMR
 (DOSY) but also other techniques such as SAXS and mass spectrometry. This is a joined PhD project
 between NMRTEC and the biomolecular NMR academic laboratory (IGBMC, Dr. Marc André Delsuc). A
 successful candidate should have strong interest specifically in NMR but also in analytical and
 spectroscopic techniques. A good knowledge in biological and pharmaceutical sciences is an
 advantage. According to EU rules for ITN projects the applicant: - has less than 4 years of
 experience since gaining a university degree and has not been awarded a doctoral degree; - shall
 not be a national of the State in which the hosting partner's research team is located (France); -
 must have resided in the France for no more than 12 months during the past 3 years.


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